​​​​​​Join Our UK Thai Ridgeback Dog Club​

​If you would like to join the Thai Ridgeback Dog Club of GB,  please click on the links provided at the bottom of the page to download a membership form.  
As a Member we can offer you professional support and advice,  either as a Thai Ridgeback owner or breeder in the UK.
As a committee, we have over 15 years of knowledge and experience with this beautiful primitive dog.  Also over 30 years collective professional Canine/Breeding knowledge and experience of dogs.

All our TRD Club GB members are part of our family here in the UK and were here to help and support you in any way we can, whatever your TRD problems or needs are.   

Please note: that all membership fees go towards helping any thai ridgeback dogs in need in the UK.  Also towards promoting and protecting this wonderful breed.  

We have three types of Membership:

Single Pet Membership - £15 per annum
Couples Pet Membership - £25 per annum

For those who wish to become a part of our growing family of UK Thai ridgeback owners/enthusiasts and join us in promoting the TRD in the UK  "Welcome to the family".
As a member you can expect to be supported by members on the committee with 15 years first hand experience with the thai ridgeback in training and breeding.  And over 30 yrs professional cumulative knowledge and experience with dogs.  You'll also have the support and friendship of other Club members, and be able to draw on their wealth of first hand experience too.  Whether that's helping you find recommended registered thai ridgeback breeders in the UK or EU.   Or a healthy thai ridgeback puppy for sale in the UK or Europe.  Or we can help just for those first few months of teething problems in being a 'new' TRD owner "Is he eating enough?",  "Whats wrong with him?",  "Is this moulting normal?".  We'll be there to guide and support you through the good and the not so good times, when you might need a helping hand or some friendly thai ridgeback breed advice.

Breeder Membership - £25.00 per annum

For those who are established Thai ridgeback owners, and are interested in registering, health testing and breeding their dogs.  We recommend joining as a Breeder Member.  In return the Club will mentor you in terms of getting your dog(s) appraised, DNA tested and health screened, as well as registering your thai ridgeback with the TRD Club GB.  We will be there to help you understand what being a breeder really entails and ensure you have experienced advice and support, when producing pups and finding suitable homes for placement of your precious puppies.

To become a member of the TRDCLUBGB as a registered breeder you will need to agree and abide by our Breeder Code of Ethics.  This means that you will agree to undertake and ensure all of your breeding stock are at least 18 months old. Are free from hip and elbow dysplasia. You must have acceptable hip (and preferably elbow) scores suitable for breeding, ensure your dogs are free from the Dermoid Sinus Cyst to the best of your knowledge, and free from any other major genetic defects.
All breeding stock MUST be of sound temperament , health and confirmation to be the best possible representative of the breed.

(It is also encouraged that all breeding thai ridgeback males/bitches be eye tested by the KC/BVA eye testing scheme.)  However, this is only a recommendation.  
Our Registered Breeders will also agree to provide a comprehensive sales contract and health guarantee for any puppy sold by them.