Thai Ridgeback Dog Club of GB 

This site has been designed to cater for everyone with an interest in the Thai Ridgeback dog in the UK, both current owners and those interested in this amazing primitive dog breed. 

Whether you like to show your dog, partake in obedience training, compete in agility or lure coursing or simply just enjoy the companionship of your dog, this Club is for you!

Feedback on this site, on the club activities and on any new initiatives you feel might be useful should be given to any Committee member - We welcome new ideas, assistance and feedback.

Enjoy browsing our site, but most of all enjoy owning or just admiring this wonderful breed.  You can use the menu options at the top of the page to navigate your way around the site and find out more about one of  Thailand's best kept secrets... 

This site will be updated and added to regularly, so please add us to your favourites or join our Mailing list and visit again soon!  Why not find us on Facebook to keep informed of upcoming events.

We welcome all our new members to our 'small' but rapidly growing TRD family.  
​Whether your dog is for companionship, competition or breeding.  We hope our Club will provide something for everyone  :)))
To join our thai ridgeback club, please download a form by clicking on the link below to go to our Membership page.